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Success Story

Sneha is a big success in the coaching field and her 28 year journey has been a great one as it is now known as best coaching institute in Nagpur. Hence, our slogan is "28 Years of Sweet Success". In 1990, we opened our first branch, and today we have five. Prof. Rajanikant Bondre became a trendsetter in 1990 by teaching all subjects under one roof.
The education scenario in India has undergone many changes and students have found it hard to keep up with all these changes. The poor kids! Studying all day and keeping track of pattern changes, syllabus changes, and whatnot. Prof. Bondre, however, has always foreseen the needs of his students and has introduced various innovative coaching techniques (you can find one example here) with changing syllabus and exam patterns and lent students in Nagpur a masterpiece in quality education.

With 28 years in the industry, Sneha has created numerous Omkar Warambhes**, as well as Asmita Gedekars. Not just toppers but students who couldn’t feature in the top 3 but still gave outstanding results are from Sneha. In addition to doctors and engineers, students from Sneha coaching have become scientists, architects, pharma professionals, and successful citizens in India and abroad.