Sneha Institutions is professionally managed institute led by the 3 luminaries of the Nagpur education scene who have with their mastery and hard work brought Sneha Institutions to the success it is today.

Shri Rajanikant Bondre

Shri Rajanikant Bondre (M.Sc., B.Ed.)

Prof. Bondre is the Chairman of the group and is actively involved with academic activities. He is the most successful and popular faculty of Biology in Vidarbha region. Many students under him have made it to MBBS and other medical courses.

Mrs. Sneha Bondre

Mrs. Sneha Bondre (M.Sc., B.Ed.)

Mrs. Bondre is the director of the group taking care of finance, taxation and other related activities.

Shri S. N. Shendre

Shri S. N. Shendre (B.Sc., LL.B., M.B.A., M.A.)
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. S. N. Shendre Chief Executive Officer, and has a working experience of 33 years in corporate sector at Mumbai and is responsible for the overall administration of the Group. He actively interacts with the students for their results and other related activities. He is available to the students for any of their problems, 24x7.